Giant Indoor & Outdoor Constructing Toys to Excite the Engineer in Any Kid

Looking for a fun, educational, building toy for your children? How about Quadro™ large-scale indoor and outdoor toy construction play systems for your kids? As the USA distributor, Phunzone offers a full range of Quadro™ construction kits and parts. This unique, family-oriented, modular construction system has been entertaining families for nearly 40 years in many countries around the world. The construction system encourages imaginative design, critical thinking, the development of fine and gross motor skills and actual physical play on the rugged structures. Depending on the age of your child, the Quadro™ construction kits offer many opportunities for playing, learning and solving creative challenges.

toy construction play systems for kids


The Quadro™ Construction system allows the users the ability to design and build a virtually infinite number of fun designs to play on. One is limited only by the quantity of parts available and safety restrictions.


The modular component building system allows children and parents to design, plan and build a new and different indoor or outdoor model every day. Kids never get bored. Children (with help from parents) will need to think, analyze, plan, design and ultimately assemble and test their structure. Truly a fun learning experience. Kids will also learn how to communicate their ideas, plan the structure and participate in some basic fun construction – and then actually play on their creation or learn how to improve it.


In order to accommodate different budgets and spaces, the Quadro™ construction kits are available in different sizes from the small My First Quadro kit, just to test the product, to the larger Universal kit with which you can build more complex structures. To expand your system you can order additional kits or extra parts a-la-carte.



Young children naturally like climbing, crawling, hanging and sliding on all types of small or large structures – so climbers and jungle gyms are the favorite types of construction. To help design climbers and jungle gyms, each kit has a Model Handbook which provides specific design instructions and a Safety Manual to show do’s and don’ts. In addition, each kit includes DVD with a 3D program to create your designs on a computer. Lastly, Quadro™ also has a website from which you can download many more design ideas.



To an adult, a climber or jungle gym looks just like a bunch of tubes and connectors and panels. To a kid, their imagination will turn that same unit into a fort, a spaceship, a castle, a zoo … anything they can dream of. The Quadro™ structure will become their favorite toy.



Compared with the large home playground systems made of wood or metal, the Quadro™ structures can be constructed and set up virtually anywhere – in the kid’s bedroom, the family room, the garage, the basement, or outside in the backyard. They are the perfect construction and play toy for small places like apartments because they are so compact yet offer a lot of opportunities for physical activity.


Quadro™ large-scale indoor and outdoor toy construction play systems for kids have become a favorite family toy since 1979 and tens of thousands of Quadro™ kits have been sold across the world. Many families have now had Quadro™ for three generations of learning and fun. For more information, please visit our website or call us at 404-521-904.


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