How Indoor Climbing Toys Can Greatly Benefit Your Child?


A play area in the home is a child’s own personal world of adventure. To enhance this adventure, Phunzone offers the Quadro™ indoor climbing toys and slide sets for children which are compact, safe, durable, portable, colorful and affordable. They are easy to design, assemble, move, clean and maintain. These sets are the ultimate giant toy construction play system for kids. Kids never get bored. They always have a new design to create, build and play on. We all have our own personal memories of exploring our playground fantasy as children, limited only by our imagination. It’s like a new toy every day.

Many parents don’t realize that while their children are having fun, they are also gaining skills and abilities that are essential to their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Here are some of the benefits of regular playtime beyond good, old-fashioned fun.

PHYSICAL HEALTH & STRENGTH – With each passing day, childhood obesity is becoming a global health problem. Due to the popularity of electronic gadgets and consumption of unhealthy processed food, too many children have mostly sedentary lifestyles that involve little physical activity. When the iPads are taken away and children are brought to an exciting place of discovery such as an indoor playground, they quickly feel the urge to run, jump, climb, and swing, testing out their body’s abilities and building strength and endurance.

COORDINATION & BALANCE – All physical activity such as climbing up, in and around the structures, zooming down the slide, or crawling through tunnels help to improve children’s flexibility, balance and gross motor skills, thus providing them basic skills to avoid injuries during playtime. Children gain confidence in their own bodies when they are able to use them in a constructive way every day.

FAMILY INTERACTION – One of the most important features of Phunzone’s indoor climbing toys and slide sets for children are the extensive social benefits. Parents and children develop better relationships and teamwork by working together to design and build the different structures. Kids will learn how to communicate their ideas, plan the structure and participate in some basic fun construction – and then actually play on their design or learn how to improve it.

Playing together in the home with the neighborhood kids and friends at birthday parties or after school also helps children to grow into adults who know how to share and work together.

The Phunzone indoor climbing toys and slide sets for children assure fun, fitness and fantasy all at the same time. The Quadro™ Construction Kits are available in several formats from “My First Quadro” kit for those who want to test the product to the “Universal” kit with which kids can build more complex structures. There are also numerous accessory kits; and, individual parts can also be ordered a la carte. Designs can be downloaded from the Quadroworld data base or create on your computer with a sophisticated custom 3D program.

In addition, Phunzone offers larger pre-designed compact, indoor Commercial playstructures for facilities such as childcare centers, churches, and health clubs. The pre-designed Residential playstructures are great for apartments, back yards, recreation rooms or bedrooms.

Several years ago a parent best summarized Phunzone’s Quadro™ playsets… “If I could buy my child just one toy, it would be “Quadro™”